That pretty much says everything about me. I have always loved music and at the very beginning, I thought that this would be the industry for me. I breathe music. Colours and everything creative and beautiful around me is who I am.

I don’t believe in fashion, but what I do believe in, is self-expression and style. Style is something money can’t buy. It’s not just what you wear, it’s who you are. I believe the only way to be happy, is to be best friends with yourself, by accepting all your good’s and bad’s.

When making clothes, I would close my eyes, feel myself as a woman and think: how do I want to look when I go on my first date with the guy I fancy. Or imagine myself at a fucking amazing afterparty, with the best music, dancing around. Or having afternoon cocktails with girls - boooom, this is what I want to be wearing!

I’m never doing things just to be different or outstanding. I’m not scared to be truly myself. Dressing up or painting is something that says more than any words could ever tell. Don’t get me wrong that I’d get dressed and be quiet - on top of all my expressive outfits, I’m ridiculously chatty and hyper.

It has taken me years to get myself to this point, where I’m actually doing it, and not just having big dreams and ideas. I’m very excited and happy to share my world and hopefully inspire girls (for now) to have confidence to dress up and not just for other people, but first of all for yourself. When people ask me whether I’d design clothes for men as well, the honest answer is - if I was a man, I would probably be a drag queen.

This is just the beginning and only time will tell the future.


Marian x